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One of the most important parts of a kid’s birthday party theme is the cake. Here are 10 of our favorite creative kids’ birthday cake ideas to make their celebration magical, whether they’re into fairy tales or sports.

1. Paint Palette

A paint palette-shaped cake topped with dollops of colorful frosting for paint and an edible paint brush is the perfect cake idea for an aspiring artist.

2. Unicorn Cake

Unicorn cakes are trendy, magical, colorful and simply adorable for little ones with a spunky imagination and a love for frosting.

3. Sports Field

For young athletes, a detailed baseball field, football stadium or hockey arena makes for a great sporty and celebratory birthday cake.

4. Castle Cake

Castle cakes can be as big, small, detailed or simple as you want. They make for the perfect fantasy-themed party of any group size.

5. Owl Cake

Owls have become a trendy animal theme for kids’ clothing, bedroom decor and more. Complete your owl-theme party with a cute and colorful wide-eyed owl.

6. Chocolate Construction Cake

A chocolate cake topped with crushed Oreos for dirt and construction vehicles is the perfect cake idea for your messy, dump truck-obsessed toddler.

7. Cookie Cake

If the birthday kid is a chocolate chip cookie lover, a cookie cake is a great option for their celebration. Top the cake with colorful frosting and a birthday message!

8. Donut Cake

A nostalgic vanilla birthday cake tastes even sweeter when it’s in the shape of a giant doughnut covered in colorful frosting and extra-large sprinkles.

9. Llama Cake

An adorable buttercream frosted llama cake will add the cuteness factor you’ve been searching for at your kid’s animal-themed birthday party!

10. Candy-Themed Cake

Candy-themed cakes are always a big hit at children’s birthday parties. Layer the birthday kid’s favorite candies on top of the buttercream frosting!