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Gender reveal parties are a trend with staying power. There are many ways to share whether a family’s newest addition will be a boy or girl. Our favorite is, of course, dessert! Almost any dessert you can frost or fill easily becomes a sweet gender reveal.

These ideas are a few of our favorites:

  1. Cake: Whether you opt for colored cake, filling or frosting, cutting into a cake to learn your baby’s gender is a sweet surprise.
  2. Cupcakes: Individual cupcakes let all of your guests take part in the surprise. Cake pops work too!
  3. Cookies: Depending on what type of cookie you want to serve at your party, the gender reveal can be incorporated in different ways. We love layers of colored cookie dough baked into your dessert, intricate frosting, or cookie sandwiches with colored filling.
  4. Chocolate: What looks like traditional chocolate-covered strawberries or pretzels have a second layer of colored chocolate that reveals a baby’s gender.
  5. Cannoli: Pipe in colored cannoli filling before topping off the ends with uncolored filling. A few big bites will reveal the surprise, as will cutting the cannoli in half.
  6. Cotton Candy: Cotton candy can be dyed almost any color and doubles as whimsical centerpieces or fun party favors.
  7. Donuts: Pair gender-revealing filling with fun flavors for a dessert you’ll remember forever!
  8. Éclairs: Add coloring to the Italian custard cream to learn whether it’s a boy or a girl with one big bite. This also works for cream puffs.
  9. Fruit Tarts: Cover every trace of colored cream cheese base with fruit to turn this dessert into a gender reveal.
  10. Macaroons: Play with colors and flavors to create customized macaroons for your party.
  11. Truffles: The many layers of a truffle offer multiple opportunities for a bite-sized gender reveal.