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A cake is an important piece of many celebrations, from showers and weddings to birthdays and graduations. Cake toppers add a little extra personality to dessert. Choosing a unique cake topper helps tie the cake to other décor elements throughout your event. It’s also a place to highlight the people and events you’re celebrating.

Make your cake one to remember with one of these unique topper ideas, perfect for any special event you and your loved ones are celebrating this year!

  • Cookie Cutters: Perfect for a birthday party or baking enthusiast’s wedding, small cookie cutters in meaningful shapes are an inexpensive yet unique cake topper option.
  • Fruit: Fresh fruit is a beautiful, natural way to add color to a cake and your dessert table as a whole.
  • Greenery: Soft greens add subtle color and movement. Whether you drape the layers of your cake or coax them into a shape for the top of your cake, greenery makes an impact that won’t steal the show.
  • Individual Letters: Pick a short, simple word and spell it out with individual letters or numbers on stakes you can easily slide into the top of the cake. This works well for birthdays!
  • Laser-cut Script: This is a popular wedding option, because it is completely customizable, including the material, size and font. You can also use longer words and phrases without it overwhelming your cake.
  • Monogram: One single letter makes a statement on the top of your cake. Whether it’s a blocky font, a flowing script or something in between is up to you!
  • Puzzle Pieces: Two puzzle pieces fit into one another is a beautiful sentiment for the top of your wedding cake or anniversary dessert. Colorful pieces on individual stakes adorning the top of a birthday cake is also fun.
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers: If you or a loved one collects salt and pepper shakers, you probably have a set that fits just about any occasion. Cute animals, little people or holiday-specific shakers all make unexpected cake toppers.
  • Silhouettes: For a twist on the traditional wedding cake topper (the happy couple’s likeness painted onto clay or china figurines), choose a simple silhouette of the newlyweds. This is also a great way to include your beloved pet in the celebration!