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Incorporating fresh, local ingredients into dessert is never easier in New York than during the late summer and early fall. Sweet blueberries, soft pears and fragrant herbs are just a few examples of the produce that makes delicious desserts throughout these warmer months. Locally grown fruits and herbs add incredible flavor to any dessert. Opt for an assortment that lets those flavors shine through for your summertime events.

The first farm-to-table dessert on most people’s mind is a picture-perfect pie, or perhaps a slightly more rustic tart or cobbler. Many of summer and fall’s fruits are delicious when paired with a flakey or crumbly crust. Freshly picked cherries, peaches and blueberries are all incredible; later in the year, classic apple is a favorite filling.

Fresh fruit lends itself to laidback desserts that are right at home at family picnics, rustic weddings and backyard barbeques with the neighbors. Fill thumbprint cookies with homemade raspberry, peach or apricot jam. Shortcake is delicious topped with freshly whipped cream and almost any summer berry, as well as stone fruits like peaches and plums.

On warm summer days, a fruity sorbet is refreshing. Try combining basil and berries, pears and bourbon, peaches and mint, cantaloupe and mint, watermelon and lime, or berries with balsamic vinegar.

Top freshly baked biscuits with caramelized peaches or a berry compote. Complement a traditional vanilla, honey or lemon shortbread recipe with an infusion of locally-grown lavender, mint or thyme. Stone fruit can be grilled or roasted with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves before being topped with freshly whipped cream.