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If you’d rather skip the traditional cake at your wedding reception, a sweet and simple spread of mini desserts makes for the perfect alternative. Bite-sized desserts give your guests the option to try a few different treats and have as many or as few as they would like. Plus, they’re really cute and fun!

Here are some ideas for your mini dessert bar:

Raspberry Almond Bars

These chewy delights have a soft cookie-like bottom with a sweet raspberry filling and toasted almonds on top to lighten the sweetness of the filling, making for the perfect bite-size treat after a filling dinner.


These light, fluffy pastries filled with cream and topped with chocolate ganache are an elegant dessert for your wedding celebration.

Lemon Bars

Bright and vibrant with lemon yellow, these tasty treats stand out on the dessert table, making them irresistible.


You can’t go wrong with this classic chocolate-lovers’ dessert. Brownie bites dusted with powdered sugar will be a popular bite-sized dessert at any reception.

Cheesecake Squares

At almost any event, these are a favorite dessert. Adding a seasonal flavor or decorative touch to your cheesecake squares will make an adorable themed treat for your guests.

Ginger Pecan Bars

For a crunchy nut-based dessert, try offering ginger pecan bars. A baked crust with a gooey pecan center and sweet ginger make a delicious sweet and savory bite-sized dessert option.